3 Custom Options To Consider With Midget Sprint Car

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Midget sprint cars may ride low to the ground and contain minimal hardware, but you still have a lot of customization options to choose from for the vehicles. The custom options can change the look of a vehicle and help create a custom design that truly fits your vision.

When you make custom changes as you first order your midget sprint car, the changes are easier to implement so you do not need to go back and make major changes in the future. Check out some of the custom design options to choose from.

1. Hood & Tank Tail Color Options

When you first order a midget sprint car, you have the opportunity to choose the plastic base color for the hood and tank tail. The thick pieces can come with a color scheme so you do not need to paint the parts at a later date. A strong base color will stand out and you do not need to worry about paint chips or wear over time.

Once you select a base color to match your racing team, you have the opportunity to add decals and design elements over the hood and tank tail. Extra layers of paint could impact the performance and drive of the vehicle.

2. Nerf Bar Options

The nerf bar extends out of the right side of a midget sprint racer and is a standard part when you purchase the vehicle. If you have a specific preference for the shape and size of the nerf bar, then you can select those options through a custom purchase.

For example, you may prefer a nerf bar with more open areas. You may choose a nerf bar that features additional crossbars and more protection over parts like the engine. You do not need to spend extra on upgrades in the future when you purchase the style you want with your initial design.

3. Steering Wheel Options

A steering wheel provides precision movements and comfort while you ride in a midget sprint car. With the small space available inside the cars, you may want a specific steering wheel to help with your comfort. You could seek out a short steering wheel pressed close to the dash. You could choose one with a larger circumference for easier turns.

Also, look for the number of spokes on a steering wheel. Steering wheels may have three or four spokes. The number of spokes can impact your hand position and help provide different comfort levels.

When you want to buy midget sprint car creations, consider all the custom options and select the best options to meet your vision.