Crafty Kids: How to Inspire Kids of All Ages to Communicate Apart From Technology

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If you are looking for a way to get your kids more involved in communicating with family and friends without using technology, look no further than personalized note cards. Giving your child a stack of personalized note cards to decorate and send to friends and family will help them develop a lifelong habit of corresponding in a more personal way. They will have fun creating their note cards and friends and family will be delighted to receive a personalized card in the mail.

Let them select the note cards

Get your child involved in selecting note cards by giving them several options to choose from. Let them choose the font or color for the monogram on the card. Make sure to order an ample supply of cards so your child always has plenty of cards on hand to decorate.

Gather plenty of supplies

Plan of trip to your local craft store or visit a shop online to purchase craft supplies for personalizing the note cards. Some supplies to purchase include stickers for all seasons, washi tape, sequins, paints, makers, gel pens, and colored pencils. Stamps and ink pads are also must-have items.

Help them organize supplies

Craft supplies can get out of control easily, so make sure to purchase a divided craft bin or tote to keep all the necessary note card making supplies in one place. If you have more than one child, allow each child to have their own craft tote and supplies. Encourage them to decorate their storage tote or bin to give it a personal touch and make it uniquely theirs.

Document their creations with photos

Purchase a plain journal to use for documenting your child's note card creations. Snap a photo of the finished note card to place in the journal along with the date and name of the recipient. Your child will enjoy having a reminder of their amazing creations and a documented log of the people they sent them to.

It is never too soon to get your children started on a lifetime habit of sending personalized note cards to say thanks for gifts they receive or creating a fun card to send someone who is sick or needs some encouragement. It is a habit that is likely to remain with them as they grow up. The best part is that it is easy, relatively inexpensive, and it allows your child to express their own unique creativity.