Giving A Relative A Pen As A Gift? Use These Tips

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If you plan to give a relative a high-quality pen for an anniversary, birthday, or holiday, it's vital that you do some research beforehand to ensure that you're purchasing a pen that is both reliable and writes beautifully. There are many worthy contenders, making it difficult to know what you should be looking for and which pen would be the best choice. Use the tips here; they can provide some guidance.

Consider Usage

As with anything you plan to buy, it's important that you spend a little time thinking about what it's going to be used for. If your relative is someone who signs documents or takes notes on a regular basis, the pen you select might be different than if the pen will be used only on special occasions. For instance, if your relative is a lawyer who constantly has a pen in their hand, you'll want to select a pen that isn't too heavy. You might also consider a fountain or rollerball pen for your lawyer relative, as ballpoint pens often require more pressure and can make their fingers sore.

Consider Their Writing Style

The writing style of the gift recipient should also be thought about. If they're hard on pens, gripping them tightly and pressing down on the nib aggressively, it's important to test out pens with that in mind. In that case, a ballpoint pen may be suitable for your relative in spite of the additional pressure they can require. If your relative is a person who writes very quickly and uses large strokes, it's probable that a good pen for them would be broad-point or medium-point pens because they allow the ink to flow more quickly than fine-point pens.

Consider Refills

If you want your relative to use the pen on a regular basis, it's smart to think about the cost of refills and how often your relative might need to buy them. In this respect, ballpoint pens win out; the ink in them tends to last longer than ink in rollerball and fountain pens. For a relative who prefers environmentally-friendly items, a fountain pen may be a great idea because they can get an ink bottle and eliminate the need for multiple ink cartridges and refills that are disposable.

A high-quality fine pen can be a treasured gift. With these tips, you'll be able to shop with confidence and choose a pen that your relative will appreciate and use for a long time. Check with pen retailers in the area like Flax Pen To Paper for more information.